by Encyclopedia Frown

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"...Austerely daubed and cloaked in an angular shadowy post punk brittleness, these edgily ice cooled grooves nod to a sonic disquiet that rumbled through the grooves of platters heading out of the likes of open eye, fast product and factory records, the disaffected frost that swirls around opening salvo ‘cognitive dissonance’ has all the hollowed wherewithwal befitting of a youthful Chameleons while the glooming long stir of title track ‘phantomwise’ hangs itself heavily to the bleak deadheading scowl of the days oncoming positive punk – latterly to become goth – shimmering Batcave / Situation 2 scene most notably the March Violets. Lighter in texture, tone and sound ‘dreamer’s dream’ comes blessed with the kind of anthemic isolationist framing that recalls both Zerra 1 and Ellery Bop. Essential of course, in case you hadn’t already gathered."

-the sunday experience

"The duo Encyclopedia Frown comes from the Philippine capital Manila, their debut EP PHANTOMWISE is convincingly minimalistic with its stripped down postpunk bones yet astonishingly melodic in structure."



released October 28, 2016

All songs are written and arranged by Encyclopedia Frown
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Carpentry Studio
Produced by Ronnel Vivo

E.P Cover/Art by Ronaldo Vivo Jr
Concept/Art Direction by Kaya Katigbak



all rights reserved


Encyclopedia Frown Manila, Philippines

Encyclopedia Frown is a power duo from Pateros and Pasig, Philippines.

Heavily influenced by the "Glücklich-Traurig" school of thought, their performances are fraught with tense energy teetering on the brink of collapse as they coax harsh otherworldly sounds from their instruments. ... more

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Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
I can barely play this instrument
I can barely carry a tune
I only know a few chords
But I've got something to say
Half baked plans and fleshed out dreams
Time ain't on my side
I can pay for everything
But too steep is the price

This must be my cognitive dissonance
This must be supersonic interference
This must be tectonic indifference
This must be my cognitive dissonance

I'll have to get used to the fact
You're a million miles away
You willingly took my place
so that I could stay
I would never ask of you
I know it's just a dream
All I have are nightmares and scars
Of a life not well lived

Love is nothing without sacrifice
According to Marie Eugenie
It doesn't matter how far you are
You'll always be with me

I'm already at the corner of McKinley
I'll wait for you on High Street if that's okay
These words will never mean the same to me again
Before the IELTS took you away
Track Name: Phantomwise
We were nothing close to neurotypical
In the same way dinosaurs ruled the earth
We were nothing close to neurotypical
Blown away like ashes of an effigy
You have no idea what I had to go through
To feel nothing at all when I look at you
You have no idea what I had to go through
To feel nothing at all when I look at you

I still think about you phantomwise

I was a fog and you were the sun
You pierced right through me the damage was done
Track Name: Dreamers Dream
The monologue must be internal
The pain you made me feel seems eternal
You're the sun and I'm the moon
We're caught in a vicious dance
Years wasted sleeping
Knocks me from my trance

Dreamers dream
Doers do
You're a dream yes you're a dream
I'm waking up from you

Baring my heart and soul to you
Always draws a blank
Your words have lost their meaning
The cruelest of pranks
Dreams have turned to nightmares
Lucid dreaming nights
Waking is the antidote
To free me from this blight

What is your agenda
This Ghost of you exists
Finding meaning in the mud
Why must you persist
Track Name: Marinduque
Sun sand and sea
Showing the way to me
Light refracted waves
A million different shades
Rose colored feather clouds
Watch me stare at the horizon
Heading towards my destination
That I have never been to


The waves are bigger at the front of the ship
Gently rocking me back and forth
The ocean's tinted orange red
the moon has made its entrance
Ahead I see the great unknown
I've been there in my dreams
What's in store for me?
What's in store for me?